Lowood State High School Amphitheatre

The Architectural Practice Academy was commissioned through the Project Services Toowoomba office to design and document a new amphitheatre to replace an existing derelict timber structure at Lowood SHS. I was given the role of Project architect – my first full services project with the APA.

The brief was to provide a large performance and assembly space, to seat as many students as possible, to last as long as possible and to cost as little as possible. The existing green shade structure above was to be preserved. There were two architectural decisions made – a recycled plastic seat was embedded in the tier nosing, and a curved and textured wall was designed to frame the back of the space and assist with acoustics.

Although there were obvious constraints – budget, material choice, quality of finish – it was a delight to work with the Lowood Principal Wayne Webster and Buisness Services Manager Jo Box in developing the design and through construction. The contractor James Trowse Constructions was good to deal with and, having come up with an innovative shuttering solution to create the tiers at different radii, they took pride in their workmanship.

The school are extremely pleased with their new space. I was fortunate to work on such an interesting and manageable project first up.

Photography – Simon Maurice & Nick Flutter