Studying under Brit Andreson this 4th year project (2008) set out to resolve an urban scenario with its historical context. The brief was to reinstate a creek that had existed on the site prior to its settlement in the early 1800s. The aim of the project was to reconnect the city with the landscape and the memory of places that had been covered by a wartime industrial and post war urban layer. A masterplan was worked up as a group and a more resolved scheme designed individually on the site of Davies park – a large, central open space.



The project consists of a hanging garden and edge for a reinstated forest. The artificially thickened and retained edge of the forest creates a tension with an ordered garden space along a straight corridor. The hanging garden houses public buildings – a library and theatre and some dense residential, while the open space is used on the weekend for markets and provides an entry to the suburb from a new ferry stop.