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Exploring product design, rapid manufacturing processes and renewable materials, Cio Bikes is at the cutting edge of Australian manufacturing. Utilising CNC cutting, along with a novel carbon fibre / timber composite structure, the frames are light, stiff and reliable. People find them intuitively beautiful, without explanation, needing to tough the timber to verify its legitimacy. And there’s the surprise when the ride is alive, agile, responsive Рnot what is expected after a visual assessment.

The idea of a composite timber bicycle occurred to me while travelling in 2010, as a way of making alternative transport more seductive and dignified to Australians. In 2016, with my father Ross flutter and my school friend John Robson, I set up Cio Bikes Pty Ltd. My role in the company is design, product development and creative direction, with day to day marketing, management and finance taken care of by Ross and John. Our products are insured, surpass Australian Standards and we are currently negotiating sales arrangements with bike shops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

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