The making of the cloud

This is me assisting Paul Owen and Marianne Harvey with their artwork for Seven with Another Digital form finding + CNC fabrication I trialled a process where the foam plug is overcut by ~5mm, then fibreglassed and finished with a thick layer of Boral cornice cement. The cornice… Read More

Garmin / AyUp development

In collaboration with Simon Maurice, Ive been working up a neat little product for road cyclists. It’s a mount that attaches your Ay-Up lights and Garmin Edge GPS to the handlebars in a less obtrusive way than with their respective standard mounts. The product is available on shapeways… Read More

recent CNC projects

We’ve been busy running the CNC machine lately, making a range of interesting things in collaboration with Street & Garden Furniture Co. Chris Seymour Designs and Timport, as well as Benjamin Breitenstein, Forrest Gillham and Julian Munro for the upcoming Made Here Now exhibition at Artisan. Street & Garden use… Read More

Designing the Dynamic

Designing the Dynamic was a workshop and symposium hosted by the RMIT Design Research Institute and SIAL and led by Hugh Whitehead (Foster & Partners). The exploring the trade-off / absolute speed group focussed on developing a ‘physical parametric’ technique for designing sails. Over 4 days we created a… Read More